10 Crazy Modified Jeep Wranglers that Redefine

Jeep officially arrived in India couple of months back. Despite the fact that their items conveyed price tag that left the greater part of the enthusiasts confounded, regardless we anticipate Jeep SUVs. The Wrangler is the least expensive ” real” Jeep in India right now. We bring you 10 modified Wranglers from around the globe for some motivation.

6X6 Wrangler

The 6X6 conversion kit on the Jeep Wrangler looks badass! The conversion is done in Los Angeles by Wild Boar crew and it goes beyond saying that this Jeep can reach otherwise unimaginable destinations.

The modified  Jeep gets an additional axle  which gets its own differential and power from the current back wheel axle. Indeed, even the engine of the Jeep has been swapped with the engine of Dodge Charger.


The V8 engine has been modified to put out a greatest of 754 BHP and huge 915 Nm of torque. The additional power deals with the additional weight and the Jeep Wrangler 6X6 gets all the force it needs to climb the most troublesome territories.

Apocalypse Wrangler

We as a whole are certain that zombie end of the world will some time or another grasp the planet earth, right? Here is something that will save you from the Zombies and may even make you the hero of the general public. Modified by a Canadian based firm, this Jeep Wrangler looks prepared to go into wars and return with a smile.


The Wrangler has been lifted and new 24-inch mud-landscape tires have been introduced. The entryways have been evacuated for simple get to and help the car. There is additionally a programmed ambush rifle mounted on the highest point of the Wrangler, yet that would be unlawful in numerous nations including India. Possibly we can introduce a Nerf firearm!

Snow Track Wrangler

Snow driving with the best snow tires and chains is extremely tricky. The most ideal approach to handle the snow is to expel the tires inside and out and replace the tyres with caterpillar tracks! The Jeep Wrangler appeared here gets snow tracks to handle any condition the climate god throws at it.


There is additionally a since quite a while ago LED bar to light the way amid dim conditions. At that point, there is a snorkel to help you cross a waterway. This is essentially a juggernaut Jeep that can’t be stopped by the common strengths.

Jeep Lower Forty


If you think you have seen enormous tyres, think again! These 40-inch tires from the Mickey Thompson makes the Jeep Wrangler nothing not exactly a Monster. Mind you, there is no suspension lift in this Wrangler, just the tyre estimate has been expanded. The immense tyres give the Wrangler enough footing and ground freedom to for all intents and purposes achieve wherever. The SUV is fueled by 5.7-liter V8 engine that sends all the grunt through a six-speed manual transmission to all the four wheels.

The Legend

It is a standout amongst the most unbelievably changed Wranglers we have seen till date. We are likewise extremely sure that this modification job will turn into the motivation behind numerous mod employments in the place that is known for five waterways, Punjab! The Legend sits on massive 50-inch tractor tyres and have pressure driven controlling framework to move them around. The suspension framework is stick.


The vehicles is hacked by 4- inches to give it a low-ride look. All the glass areas of the Wrangler gets a red tint and the wheel curves have been flared so much that now they look like wings. The V6 engine that accompanies the Wrangler remains stock yet who thinks about that when you got every one of the eyes on you?

MC Customs

The MC Customs form of the Jeep has been worked at a hack shop in Miami, Florida. The Jeep gets an exceptionally one of a kind white body paint with blue highlights on the 24-inch compound wheels.

The wheel curves have been hacked off to accommodate the bigger wheels yet not the slightest bit it makes the Wrangler appear as though it is less powerful.


The bumper of the Wrangler has likewise been changed with off-road  spec front guards and a since quite a while ago LED bar light at the rooftop to help the car explore through dim rough terrain extends.

Rubikong Wrangler

Custom house, Rubikong, based out of Greece has made something that can simply achieve any edge of the world. The Wrangler gets Teraflex suspension and lift-kit.The independent suspensions for the Wrangler can make it climb the hardest of the landscapes.


The Wrangler additionally gets Maxxis mud territory tyres and a which in front to help it haul out of a tight spot. The SUV likewise gets a LED bar on the rooftop to see through dull conditions. The car additionally gets a high mounted snorkel.

Jeep Trailcat

The Trailcat Jeep Wrangler is an official alteration done by Jeep itself. The radical SUV gets the engine from the capable Dodge Hellcat! The 707 BHP V8 engine powers every one of the wheels of the Jeep Trailcat. The change additionally incorporates extending the Jeep by 12-inches and the windshield has been hacked by 2-inches. The 17-inch compound wheels gets 39.5-inch Goodrich Krawler tires. The seats have been replaced with the bucket seats of the Dodge Viper.

Jeep Gladiator

The Wrangler based get truck was the official change work done by Jeep. It was showcased as an idea display however it never made it to the creation line. The Gladiator change is one head turning work. The SUV gets just two seats and the back seats have been changed into a flatbed. The front bumper gets helper lights while the tires are currently mud landscape ones with chrome composite wheels.

Forgiato Jeep


The enormous looking Jeep has been fundamentally changed to a truck. The one of a kind adjustment done by Forgiato gets two unique arrangements of wheels with 22-inch and 24-inch edge sizes. The bumpers have now ended up greater and the front gets extra lights. There is additionally attractive bull bar that runs well with the looks of the car. The notable grille of the Jeep has additionally been redesigned with modified grilles.

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