5 best car music player apps for android

In our super busy life, jampacked with deadlines, projects, and assignments, all of us need our relief in form of the music we love. With android reigning over own mobile devices, we get most of our much-needed services at our fingertips.

There are innumerable free music player apps that a user can choose from, to listen to uninterrupted music from different genres. This article will provide the names and details of a few of the best car music player apps for android. The list might not be an exhaustive one, but will help the tech-savvy user navigate through the sea of options to choose what suits them the best.

The apps

The music apps mentioned below are rated by analysing the users’ reviews and technical aspects. Which of them is the best free music player apps for android is a difficult guess. However, it completely depends on the user as to what is most suitable to their taste and demand. Here are a few best music player apps for android:

  • AIMP

It is a powerful mobile music app. It supports different music file types like FLAC, MP3, MP4 and allows options for theming, customization, and more enjoyable features. It has a simple Material Design Interface and a fairly simple UI, which makes it easier to listen to music on the go. It also has outstanding volume normalization, equalizer, and HTTP live streaming. The app also comes with a handy desktop version.

  • jetAudio HD

Often cited as the best music player for android, jetAudio is a simple app which offers better features that make it stand out from most of the other music player apps. It has a variety of audio enhancements that come in as plugins so as to better the music experience up by a few notches. The app offers an equalizer with 32 presets, bass boost, widgets, a tag editor, and a MIDI playback. It has a free and a paid version. The latter only removes the ads and adds themes. If someone subscribes to Google Play Pass, they will be able to use this for free.

  • MediaMonkey

This app is considered a dark horse amongst the ones contending for the best music player app for android. It has a variety of features. These include organizational features for podcasts, audiobooks and the feature to sort songs based on composers and not just artists. It also offers an improved equalizer. MediaMonkey has the feature of syncing the music library from the desktop or laptop to the phone over Wifi connection.

  • Musicolet

It is a no-BS music player app. It has many attractive features, some of which are often not associated with music player apps. All of this includes a non-heavy UI, truly offline experience and small APK size. Moreover, it features an equalizer, multiple queues, support for embedded lyrics, a tag editor, folder browsing, widgets, etc. It is completely free, with no in-app purchases, and there are no ads since the app does not allow internet access.

  • Neutron music player

It is extremely underrated, in comparison to the features it has to offer. It has a 32/64-bit audio rendering engine independent of the Android OS. It seems to improve the quality of the music. It supports more unique types of files (flac, MPC, and so on). The app also has a host of audiophile specific features, like a built-in equalizer.

The list mentioned a few of the leading music player apps for android. These music apps facilitates uninterrupted listening of the most favourite genres with better sound quality, top-notch features built-in within the apps.The user is advised to try out each one of them before choosing what is the best android music player.

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