Ather Wants To Create Experience Centres Across Key Cities In India

Ather Energy has revealed its plan to create a network of experienced centers in Chennai and Bengaluru across major Indian cities, close to its flagship stores Ather Place. The electric vehicle manufacturer from Bengaluru intends to use the Ather Space format for cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune and invites dealership partners throughout these cities to set up these experiential centers. Recently, the firm signed an MU with the government of Tamil Nadu to build a new 400,000 sq ft plant and to create a network of interaction centers.

“Intelligent electric cars are a new category for which the traditional retail model doesn’t really fit,” Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Officer of Chennai, told the press. “Over the past few years, we have been driving a new model in Chennai and Bengaluru based on experiences.

The expert centers enable future consumers to test rides and get acquainted with the smart & connected product portfolio of Ather

These centers of experience aim to increase product understanding, to provide tests for the products and to provide customers with the first-hand experience. It will allow prospective customers, including 450 electric scooters, to ride and exercise Ather’s intelligent and connected product portfolio. Ather Space in Indiranagar, Bengaluru, and Wallace Garden Streeten in Chennai is already owned by the firm and its facilities will be limited to both locations, with Ather now seeking to expand it. In addition, Ather Grid is expanding the public charging network in the coming months in all metros. Ather says, in fact, that each city is charged quickly before vehicles are delivered.

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