Based on the Benelli Leoncino, a new 500cc fully-faired motorcycle has been spotted

OJMotor, Benelli’s parent company, is working on a number of new bikes based on existing Benelli models for the Chinese market. A new 500cc fully-faired sportbike has been sighted, with the Benelli Leoncino as a likely inspiration.

The 500cc parallel twin engine that drives the TRK 502 adventure bike, the Leoncino neo-retro roadster, and the 502C power cruiser is projected to power the new motorbike. This engine will power a new fully-faired sportbike in the near future.

The new motorbike borrows aesthetic influences from the QJMotor SRG 600 and the Benelli 600RR. The bike has a strong fuel tank and a large front fascia with chiselled faring. With broader seats, high-set clip-on handlebars, and mid-set foot pegs, the motorbike provides a comfortable riding position.

The 500cc parallel-twin engine, which produces 47.5bhp and 46Nm of torque, is set to power the new motorbike. According to reports, Benelli is working on a larger displacement engine for the Leoncino, a 550cc unit. This will result in a 3.4bhp improvement in power. The improved engine is anticipated to power the OJMotor’s fully-faired sports bike.

The motorbike is equipped with an upside-down front fork and a monoshock unit in the back. Up front, it has dual disc brakes. 17-inch alloy wheels are fitted to the motorbike. The fully-faired motorbike sports a split headlight configuration, similar to OJMotor’s previous fully-faired motorbikes.

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