Best Car Gadgets that Will Transform the Way Driving is Perceived

A car is undoubtedly one of the most sought after and convenient modes of travel which also provides comfort. Earlier, it was considered to be a possession of only the richer folk, but now with the advent of more modern times, it has secured a place in almost every middle-class household with ease.

But, it is a well-known fact that a car is not merely a means of travel anymore. People expect much more than just good pick up and mileage today. Keeping in mind the requirements of today’s car-enthusiasts, innovative gadgets are being designed to ensure a memorable driving experience.

Mentioned below are some of the best car gadgets that are worth investing in:

Hudway Cast

This is one of the most useful and cool car gadgets to have in a car at all times. It is a small, portable device which functions as a wireless, heads-up display while perched on the dash. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, this display reflects the contents of a phone in front of the driver on a transparent screen which makes it easy to keep a track on the GPS while keeping an eye on the road. Apart from that, it is also used to control music, read texts and answer calls.

612GW 4K Dashcam by Nextbase

Not just efficient, but this is one of the best car gadgets that every individual should consider buying for security purposes. With a resolution of 4K, this 612GW dashcam smoothly records and stores evidence in case of any emergencies while on the road, along with tracking the speed and GPS of the car on the go. This is a must-have gadget as it can be of great help in times when trying to explaining a certain crisis situation on the road to the police/authorities is difficult. The recordings can be easily transferred from this device to a phone or laptop.

Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Another one of handy and cool car accessories to get hold of is the Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor from Nonda. Designed with innovative ideas, this device provides real-time information regarding the health of the car tires and allows the tire pressure to be checked on a mobile phone. It is a great device to own as it can serve as a warning against any unforeseen circumstance or potential danger. Its AccuTemp Algorithm is what helps this device function.

PowerMonkey Explorer

The PowerMonkey Explorer is an irreplaceable device to have while travelling in a car. One of the best car accessories to own, it is packed with various adapters and connectors to help charge devices while travelling. It is a portable device which is powered by a solar panel. Ranging from cameras, mobile phones and even iPods, this gadget can charge almost anything. It is very useful to have it inside the car at all times in case the separate chargers are somehow forgotten.

Stun Gun

This exactly does not fall under the category of cool car accessories, but this undoubtedly one of most essential tools to have in a car. It is an extremely useful device, especially for women, if they are travelling alone at night. Once this device comes in contact with the body of the potential attacker, it gives an electric shock which causes temporary numbing of the body. It is not known to critically injure anyone but the work that it does is enough to help the victim escape to safety.

These were some of the best car gadgets that will ensure that you have wonderful and safe driving experience. All of these are easily available in the market and can be bought online as well. So, make a list of car gadgets that you would like to buy and do include the ones that have been discussed above.

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