Electric Scooters On Okinawa Have Been Reduced By Up To Rs 38,000

With its cheap electric scooters, Okinawa Autotech has declared intentions to capture a substantial market share in Gujarat. It is also a member of the Gujarat Energy Development Agency, and it hopes to contribute to the state’s quick adoption of electric vehicles. By the conclusion of the current fiscal year, the firm intends to increase its dealership network by 50%.

In Gujarat, the firm has over 5,000 customers and plans to treble that number by 2022. The Okinawa Ridege+, Okinawa Praise Pro, and Okinawa iPraise+ are the three scooters that the business sells. These scooters have smart features including an anti-theft sensor, a side-stand sensor, keyless entry, and a “Find My Scooter” GPS tracker for increased user safety.

Thanks to the FAME II incentive and the Gujarat Government’s electric vehicle incentive, the business has cut the costs of its whole electric scooter line. The Okina Praise Pro is now Rs 57848 (down from Rs 84,795), while the Okina Ridge+ is now Rs 44,391 (69,000) — a Rs 24,609 reduction. The Okina iPraise+ is currently available for Rs 79,708, a saving of Rs 37,892 over the initial price of Rs 1,17,600. The revised rates will take effect on July 1, 2021.

 “The state government has taken an excellent step that will allow more consumers from the bottom of the pyramid to ride and flourish with electric two-wheelers,” says Mr. Jeetender Sharma, MD and Founder of Okinawa Autotech. To assist the state in meeting its four-year objective of having 2 lakh electric vehicles on the road. We are also increasing our presence and foothold in the region to support the government in accomplishing this goal.”

Okinawa has partnerships with a number of banks, NBFCs, Fintech firms, leasing companies, and retail businesses. The firm wants to make it simple and affordable for anybody to own an Okinawa scooter. All Okinawa scooters have removable lithium-ion batteries that can be charged with any regular electrical outlet. It’s as easy as charging your phone.

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