Recent studies on ownership costs have shown that Mercedes-Benz GLC provides the highest value for the desired price in the midsized of the premium crossover. Consumers in this field seem to agree with our view since the GLC is the most selling business in the sector and the blue-eyed kid in the convergence line of Merc.

With respect to the heads, the well-known headlamps of GLC have now significantly changed–among many others. It is a medium-term improvement for the SUV, and although it has arrived early in life, the upgrade comes similar to the heels of the C-Class sedan, which it is focused on technologically. The GLC 220d headlights are shown with a horizontal set of LED lights replacing beam modules on the screen. It looks pretty sumptuous, but the multi-beam headlights are available for additional safety.

Mercedes-Benz had established a single-line daytime running light for C-Class, 2 for E and 3 for S with the LED signatures of its vehicles. The next GLE and the GLS have also mirrored this structure, but GLC has decided to depart from it for whatever reason. Rather, it sports daylight LED lighting that covers nearly the whole of the light panel, much like the new kid on the block-the GLB. The lights are now reaching into the outer borders, in comparison to the earlier design, where the lights extended into the grill. That shows in a fuller profile now and a clearer nose. In the contract, the GLC has lost some of its dynamic toughness, but the latest sophistication is in line with Mercedes-Benz’s new family-style for its crossover and SUVs.

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The taillights are also based on the family-style. The outer form is the same, but, it appears slimmer with the intricate GLS-inspired info. While the car’s surface is not changed, these slight lighting changes make the new GLC slimmer than its outgoing equivalent. The appearance of bogus diffuser fangs on the front and rear brings a pinch of sportiness to the build. In comparison to the sport’s attraction GLC 2020, Mercedes Benz has chosen a new 15-speak double tone concept for the 19-inch rims. Yet I find the Mojave Silver produced from C 300d AMG Line looks much better. I love the color maroon you see here.

In the middle of the cabin are the major changes to the GLC. While there are still no improvements to the floating center console style, it looks as elegant as never before and features a modern infotainment system on the dashboard. It is a touchscreen interface for the first time in a Mercedes-Benz, which allows running issues like Apple CarPlay and satellite navigation simpler and better known. The 10.25-inch panel is wide and looks good with the revamped UI. However, the biggest news is that this information comes with the well-known MBUX operating system, an integrated SIM (powered by Vodafone).

The built-in SIM allows connectivity and mobile device capabilities in the latest GLC. A representative of Mercedes-Benz India, who locked and unlocked our test vehicle from more than 100 km away, was a fast example! Same can be achieved by precooling GLC cabin, locking the car’s engine remotely during burglary and easily monitoring and geofencing. One system can be paired with up to 78 cars by Fleet Operators! The vehicle safety, gasoline level, and pneumatic pressure can also be tracked using the Internet of Things (IoT). The remote program. The iOS app also includes an Apple Watch Edition, which helps you to lock and unlock the car too!

Such connected technology is already present in some low-end cars, but we saw this GLC as the most powerful example. The fact that Mercedes-Benz India offers the GLC in its local version (and in the 220d lower versions) only forces the competition to react positively and take the segment forward.

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The MBUX talked a lot about voice assistant features. She wakes up to “Hi Mercedes” and has no trouble understanding the Indian sounds from all three of our visitors. She reacted pretty easily to temperature changes, to call Indian restaurants on navigation or even to change colors in the cabin for the latest ambient lighting kit. It is too alert though, and even the slightest hint of the term ‘ Mercedes’ awakens the helpers–but then it is not a phrase you can regularly use unless you thank everyone you know for your new purchase!

The GLC has a larger number of operating members than the C-Class sedan. Whether you are one or not, the back seat provides certain changes to improve people’s lives a little. The windows are now retractable by hand and USB ports are also placed at the bottom. However, all USB ports in the new GLC are of type C. That means, if your fellow passengers don’t use the most recent smart devices, you might have to use a few adapters. There’s a wireless front load pad, but there’s no Apple CarPlay wireless that’s among a range of other features that I hoped would appear in the updated GLC, such as a seat-memory and Burmeister audio function. Of reality, I am nitpicking, and the current features much overshadow their absence.

The steering wheel has a new design like the C-Class. The cruise control functions are on the wheel now, along with two swipe-pads that control the MBUX infotainment and the instrumentation. The instrumentation has a similar layout as before, with a digital display flanked by two analog clocks – but a new three-dimensional design comprising of large bezels of the clocks, replaces the aging, flat layout of the previous unit. The multi-info display has a more colorful interface that matches that of the infotainment. All these little updates make the cabin feel more tech-savvy than before. On the other hand, open-pore walnut wood on the center console and in the trim in the doors and the dash, ups the luxury appeal. The sum of all these things easily makes the new GLC cabin the best to be in this segment, and that will remain one of its strongest attributes.

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The new engine is the other major feature of the GLC. It is the same 2.0-liter turbodiesel OM 654 motor, replacing the 2.2-liter OM 651 motor that drives the outgoing iteration. Click here for more comprehensive descriptives. Notwithstanding the reduced change, it is more elegant, fuel-efficient and compliant with BSVI and more strong 24PS, reaching the ton 0,4s quicker, with a time sprint of 7,9s of 0-100kmph. To note these benefits, though, you can stay with the new GLC 220d. When you do, you would also like to see this engine’s more sophisticated form. Our results also culminated in a fuel savings of 14.95kmpl for the 2020 GLC 220d from a standstill to 100kmph at 8.7kph (City: 14.8Kpl / Highway: 18.4kmpl). It’s attached to the favored9-speed gearbox from Merc which is slow to move down while operating in a distorted setting but operates well in the region and on the highway.

After all, the GLC is not designed for warped operation. There are no adjustable dampers and the suspension remains unchanged. There’s quite a deal of driving around curves and twists, and it’s not a driver’s car from that angle but a laid-back luxury cruiser that can take the family in a comfortable environment. Although no adaptive dampers are available, we have found that the new suspension setup is much firmer than the previous car with better bounce control. As before, the brake pedal always requires a hard force, but the Active Brake Assist arrives today, which can use maximum stopping power even with a soft brake pedal dab, while sensing an inevitable crash or autonomously split if the driver does not interfere. This is the first time that it is sold on a locally built car carrying the C logo. The technology already exists on a few Mercedes-Benz top engines.


The GLC remains a vehicle for simple urban and highway use true to the’ C’ tag. The new engine also makes an outstanding fuel-efficient driver every day. The latest GLC has also become a more attractive choice for drivers with a few more nice complements to the rear seat package. The main advantage is, though, that costs are almost in the same region as the escape vehicle, which is that the GLC now has much greater value than ever before. So is this the best purchase in the segment? Hey, without a question cloud!

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