Honda is planning to release a larger and more distinctive HR-V SUV

For European markets, Honda has launched the next generation HR-V SUV. The corporation also revealed that a separate version of the new product will be released in the United States. The North American version, according to Kojiro Obake, Chief Engineer of Vezel (HR-V in Japan), would have a new architecture and a much larger base.

According to him, the new Honda HR-V 2022 for the United States is being designed separately to cater to local preferences. The latest model will be built on a slightly wider chassis and will have a more rugged design. Honda engineers would be able to build more space inside the cabin as a result of the increased dimensions.

Since the Fit hatchback will not be offered in the United States, the next Honda HR-V for the American market is planned to be built on the new model. According to the study, the new Honda HR-V would have a significantly larger base. The new SUV is supposed to be based on the new Civic, but it will be marginally smaller than the CR-V. The new Civic will be manufactured in the United States and Canada, allowing the new SUV to be built on the same assembly line. The organisation could still use current architecture, but the SUV would be larger in size.

Okabe hasn’t shared any more about the engine. The existence of a variant form of the HR-V in North America has yet to be verified. Honda wants to market hybrid or hydrogen-powered vehicles for up to 40% of its overall revenue. Honda’s e:HEV configuration, which comprises a 1.5L iMMD (Intelligent-Multi Mode Drive) petrol engine and two electric motors, has been installed in the hybrid SUV. A lithium-ion battery and a fixed gear transmission are included. It has a total power output of 109bhp.

The updated Honda HR-V is 120mm longer and 10mm wider than the previous version. The wheelbase has been raised by 20mm while the height has been lowered by 5mm. The new SUV measures 4,450mm in length, 1,780mm in width, and 1,600mm in height, with a 2,630mm wheelbase.

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