Hot and Stunning Mini Cooper S Convertible driven

Hot hatchbacks are the kind of the season everywhere throughout the value go. With VW having recently launched the GTi, and Fiat having launched the 595, this fragment is truly warming up. Little was the brand that began this portion in India with the Cooper S at some point back. While we had an extensive scope of Minis on special from the One to the Cooper S and the Convertible, the Convertible never accompanied the fiery “S” variation beforehand. The uplifting news for us however is that with the facelift which was presented not long ago, the organization has acquired the “S” variation in the convertible. We spent a few days with it to let you know how decent with this hot bring forth really is.

Visual appeal

A year ago, Mini presented the facelifted version of the Cooper. The new Cooper is presently 98 mm longer, 44 mm more extensive and 7 mm taller which makes it not all that Mini any longer. The headlamps and the tail lights have additionally developed and now get the LED treatment. The headlamps additionally get LED DRLs. Despite the fact that the Cooper has gotten a facelift, it keeps on being exceptionally conspicuous with its particular styling. There is plastic cladding everywhere throughout the car to give it somewhat harsh and extreme look. Our car accompanied the discretionary JCW mists that some how made the vehicle look more lively. The stripes that you see on the hat are discretionary as is the paint shade that this one is done in.



The only colours you get as standard are the white and orange shade, everything else is a Rs 60,000 choice. The Mini accompanies 16″ composites as standard with an alternative of 17″ edges. The gathering piece however is the drop beat rooftop which makes a considerable measure of visual show.

People in India aren’t exactly used to seeing a convertible and if you drive with the rooftop down, you are certain to get a great deal of consideration. The rooftop system overlays down in a fast 18 seconds and should be possible moving too upto paces of 30 kmph. It is a 2 stage prepare, the first being an opening like a sun rooftop and the second step being the full opening rooftop. On the off chance that you like consideration, this car is surely going to get you a great deal of it, particularly with the rooftop down.

The inside story

Open the huge entryways and you are welcomed by a retro topic. In the first place thing that you notice is that the speedo has moved from the focal comfort over into the instrument binnacle behind the guiding wheel which is a pleasant move. Since BMW claims Mini, you now get an emphasis of their well known iDrive which is shown on the huge focal screen. The fringe houses LEDs which have numerous capacities. Under ordinary driving, it bends over as a tachometer in orange shade. When you are changing the temperature setup on the atmosphere control, it appears on the LED group as blue and red independently which looks cool. If you choose the stopping sensors, in view of the nearness, the LEDs change shading. All things considered, these possibly little touches, yet the Mini is about making you feel unique and such little touches absolutely give you something to boast about. Once the sun sets, the thing that you notice is the encompassing lighting which accompanies multi shading alternatives. That is the time that you likewise see that the reflect doesn’t have car diminishing alternative and has the manual switch for darkening which is a little sad.


If there is just place where the Mini is deficient with regards to, it is in the elements office. The Mini accompanies relatively few things as standard. They do however have a lot of stuff on offer, yet just as additional alternatives which are on the costly side. Things like stopping sensors, raise camera, comfort key, heads up show and the arm rest are discretionary and wind up taking the cost on the higher side.

How practical is it?

For a 2 entryway 4 seater, it is quite open within. You could get 2 individuals in the back seat with a little press. The main issue is that the back rest is somewhat upright. There are 2 glass holders in the focal support and a little stockpiling range before it that isn’t very deep. If you are cornering hard, things inside will slide out. Boot space is exceptionally insignificant given this is a convertible. A certain something however, not at all like different convertibles, the boot space stays consistent independent of whether the rooftop is up or down. The boot space is 215 liters but loading bay is very narrow.


Visibility with the rooftop up is satisfactory at the back while driving. While parking however it becomes a torment in light of the fact that there is just a little glass range at the back. The mirrors are vast and offer decent Visibility. But if you decide to look over the shoulder while parking, you will be somewhat frustrated as the back side view is obstructed by the absence of a glass zone. With the rooftop down however, see from within back view reflect is by nothing since the rooftop sits on top of the boot rather than inside.

The drive scene

This is the thing I was looking the most. Being a petrol head and this being a hot bring forth, this resembled a blessing from heaven. The new Cooper S accompanies a 2.0 liter turbo petrol motor that produces 192 Bhp and 280 Nm. The engine is mated to a 6 speed programmed gearbox which has the manual alternatives also. Since we are finished with the details, we should jump into the driving knowledge. The main thing you see when you begin her up is the fumes note on the cold start. Venture on it and each time an apparatus shifts, you hear a mechanically initiated flatulate from the fumes that is truly addictive. Notwithstanding that, keep it in manual and you can hear the crackles when you lift off at higher rpms. For a stock fumes, this is surely fruity sounding and it is truly addictive. How quick is it? Well as per authority figures, the Mini Convertible does the 0-100 dash in 7.1 seconds which is enough fast. Indeed, even with this being the convertible variant, despite everything it figures out how to be keeping pace with the GTi which is not a terrible thing. The driving background part is the place the Mini surpasses everything else. Why?


Well the primary purpose for that is the way the Mini is setup. Its wide track and small size make it a to extremely fun car to drive, particularly in movement. The controlling has sufficient measure of weight to it even at low speeds which may appear somewhat lumbering, however the feedback got is incredible. This is a simple to use car. Indeed, even with the additional weight of the delicate top, the vehicle feels amazingly planted and spry. In the event that a snappy bearing change is the thing that you need, this is the best car for that. The entire driving background is exceptionally fulfilling. The car has tremendous hold and gives a ton of confidence while pushing hard.

The best part about this auto is the way that despite the fact that the taking care of is right on the money, the ride isn’t bone bumping hard. Yes, it is firm and you do hear crashes on the off chance that you go into profound potholes, however you have to comprehend this is a hot incubate and for that, the ride quality is not too awful. As I would like to think, i’d rather have an car that handles like this one does and rides somewhat hard as opposed to having it the a different way.


Our auto came with the discretionary JCW directing wheel costing Rs 30,000 and well, it absolutely is justified, despite all the trouble. The controlling is a multi work one with oars and a different thumb bolster which truly has a pleasant feel to it. Since the best part about the Mini is the taking care of setup, this directing absolutely adds to the great experience.

Brakes are sufficient however in the event that you are cornering hard and you happen to hammer the brakes at the same time, you do feel the back turning into a little lose since all weight shifts towards the front and there is very little weight at the back in the first place. Being a lively vehicle, the Cooper S additionally gets brake cooling advisers for ensure you don’t cook the brakes while you are having a great time.


The Cooper S is presently offered with driving modes as standard which implies you get the choice of Sports, Mid and Green setup. The setup changes the throttle map, gearbox and the directing feel. Notwithstanding this, the gearbox too has a games mode with the manual choice with oars. Small scale additionally offers the Cooper S with Dynamic damping which is accessible as a Rs 80,000 choice which will change suspension setup in view of the driving mode picked.

The car has a delicate top material rooftop which implies that commotion protection within isn’t the best. Wind clamor is really noticeable at higher paces and in movement, outside commotion creeps in, something you should get used to.

Well this being a hot bring forth the fuel proficiency isn’t that high in the event that you drive hard, naturally. We managed to get a general figure of approximately 10 kmpl consolidated all through the period we had the car according to the MFD which we felt was truly exact. Be that as it may, how about we be not kidding here, this car isn’t intended to give miles per gallon. Then again, grins per gallon is guaranteed.

Our thoughts?

Having gone through a week with the car, I absolutely get why this car bodes well for the enthusiast. It is minor, which implies that advancing through activity is a breeze. Having said that, general space inside the lodge is not all that awful and 4 individuals can be situated with a little crush. In the event that you are searching for a fun, end of the week car that can convey a grin to your face when you drive it, look no further. Indeed, even as a day by day driver, this bodes well, in the event that you can bear the cost of the fuel for it that is. This car is absolutely one that will bid more to your heart than your brain. The main drawback however is the cost tragically. While the Cooper S Convertible begins at Rs 33.90 lakhs which isn’t much, however you will wind up picking a couple of choices and if you spec it up, that cost will unquestionably ascend by two or three lakhs. At that cost, just a genuine lover or somebody who has a great deal of cash to spend can manage the cost of the Mini. One thing is without a doubt however, after buying it, it will not be a decision you will regret

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