How to Maintain and Service Your EV Car

10 Tips to Help You Maintain and Service Your EV Car - TrendingMotor

Driving an electric car is the greenest way to travel. But with so many moving parts, it can be difficult to know how to maintain and service your EV. For those just getting started with electric cars, here are ten tips that will help you keep your car humming.

What is an EV car?

An electric vehicle is a car that runs on electric power from rechargeable batteries. One of the biggest benefits of an EV is that it’s cleaner for the environment.

Tips for maintaining your EV car

Keeping an electric car running smoothly isn’t always easy. There are many moving parts that you need to maintain and the process can be overwhelming for those just getting started with electric cars. So, to help simplify things, here are ten tips that will help you keep your car humming.

1) Keep tires inflated

2) Check tire pressure before every drive

3) Wash car regularly

4) Check brakes before every drive

5) Replace windshield wipers routinely

6) Keep lights clean

7) Inspect exhaust system for leaks

8) Inspect battery cables for corrosion or damage

9) Change oil after first 2,000 miles

10) Change any fluids as needed

Service your EV car often

Routine maintenance is key to extending the life of your electric vehicle. It’s important to keep up with these routine maintenance appointments to help prevent any small issues from becoming big ones. An electric car may need more frequent service, at first, but you will still need to maintain them as you would other cars. One way to tell if it’s time for routine maintenance is if your EV requires a jump start. If so, it could be an indication that the battery has gone bad or needs charging.


EVs are becoming more and more common. They offer a number of benefits, including low emissions and low running costs. However, they do require a bit more maintenance than a traditional car. If you’re considering an EV, it’s worth taking a look at this list of 10 tips to help you maintain and service your EV car.

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