In February, details to get started Toyota Vellfire

The Luxury MPV segment in India attracted late car manufacturers and we saw the influx of these models in about a year, whether through mass-brands or luxury car manufacturers. Toyota, which will be launching the Vellfire in India on February 26, will be joining next. The Toyota Vellfire is sold as a fully-built unit (CBU) in India and it is expected to be nearly $90 lakh. Your regular colleagues must now have realized that this man is up against the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Yes, that’s right! It is certainly luxurious and although the shape of an MPV body gives a limited opportunity to play with the design, Vellfire still looks attractive with its courageous stance. With a sharp twin slight LED headlight setup and a tall front bumper, the heavy face of the chrome makes the butch. And, along with the flared wheel arches, stylish alloy wheels, and electrically sliding doors, the profile looks sharp lines. The rear side has large roof-mounted spoilers and clear glass taillights connected to the Toyota logo in the center by a heavy chrome layer. As with all Toyota hybrid models, it is an environment-friendly vehicle even with blue accent

However, Vellfire owners won’t really be interested in the looks. Obviously, what matters to them is the cabin, particularly in the back where they are mostly. Now we haven’t seen the cabin of Vellfire from India, but it is a CBU, which is probably as spectacular as the ones sold around the globe. The obvious thing is that wooden inlays are used generously and are actually the liking of MPV owners. Of course, the standard list of features wasn’t impressing either. An MPV of such a range had customizable options. The standard fitting features are the faux leather upholstery, multi-screen touchscreen infotainment, smartphone connectivity, panoramic solar panels, and automatic climate control. The Executive Lounge is also equipped with dual captain seats for the second and third rows rotated for flexible seat configuration.

The Toyota Vellfire shares its foundations and its engine line-up with the iconic, internationally successful Toyota Alphard. We expect that the 2,5-liter gasoline engine will fit under its hood and be combined with an electric engine. The hybrid motor is the same as the Camry Hybrid and has 178 bhp and 235 Nm of peak torque, with an e-CVT unit combined. The power is shipped as standard to the back wheels while an optionally all-wheel-drive version.

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