Kia’s EV6: A Solid Effort That Will Please Some

With an EV6, you can feel confident that you’re buying an all-electric car. It’ll be available for purchase through importing and is expected to cost between Rs 55 Lac -Rs 60 Lac. With a large global demand for the EV6 but limited production capabilities, India has only been allocated 100 units for 2022.

Kia is launching their all-electric EV6 in India later this year. They will start taking reservations on the 26th of May, followed by the price announcement and launch in August.

Is the Kia EV6 a worthy electric vehicle?

Kia is set to bring the EV6 as a full import in the Indian market, and, hence, no changes are expected to be made to its design, features, e-GMP platform, or electric powertrain. Opposites United’s design language gives it a striking overall appearance.

Kia is set to launch the EV6, their next-generation electric vehicle. The features on the car include a dual-screen display for the digital dials and infotainment system as well as connected car technology, a new two-spoke steering wheel, augmented reality heads-up display, and ADAS safety features that may not make it to India but are being offered on Kia’s opponents.

There are a few different powertrains that the Model 3 will come with. These include a 58kWh battery pack with two configurations, one for RWD and one for AWD with a dual-motor set-up of 235 horsepower.

Furthermore, there are many battery packs available with different power outputs. A 125hp single-motor RWD can be had with a 77.4kWh pack, as well as a 229hp/325hp dual-motor AWD configuration that can also come with the GT variant for a 585hp and 740Nm output

Kia is most likely to offer the EV6 with multiple range and performance configurations in India. Kia had only one type of car for people to buy, which was a GT version, so there is a chance that they will have more choices this time.

Future of Kia in an EV world

Kia and Hyundai are coming to India with six all-electric models. These models include the EV6, the new e-Niro, and a mass market electric SUV from Kia. Hyundai will bring the Ioniq 5, Kona Electric facelift, and a mass market EV SUV of its own in India. The Kia EV6 top-spec AWD variant was revealed ahead of launch. Kia to launch new EV6 in August

How the Kia EV6 will be priced, what release date and what specifications. Kia announced the EV6, which comes with an 800 V architecture. The demand for this is so overwhelmingly high that Kia’s production is not enough. This is complicated by the semiconductor shortage across all industry sectors.

Kia will only release 100 units of the EV6

Kia has limited the supply to only 100 EV6s for Indian customers due to production constraints, but otherwise, sales in India can’t meet the demand of Kia drivers.

The launch of Kia’s EV6 has been met with a lot of interest from dealers and customers. Demand for the car is expected to be high because it will be one of few electric cars in the 55-60 lakh bracket.

Hyundai will not be delaying the release of the EV6 because they are unable to get enough supply for their main competitor, the Ioniq 5.

The managing director said it is difficult to get expanded distribution because demand is so high. Though they were fortunate enough to sell 7,667 units in March, the inventory is limited to only 100 vehicles for India.

Kia’s top-spec EV6 coming in limited volumes this week

It’s indicative of the trend among global car companies that they set aside these limited electric cars for markets with higher profit margins. This trend is important for India because it typically has smaller profit margins on fully imported vehicles due to exorbitant taxation structures.

The EV6 is a new model for Kia to set the scene for their presence in India, as well as to show off their ability and interest in electric cars.

As for India, the company will be launching their top-spec variant which comes with a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive set-up and a larger “77.4 kWh” battery pack with a claimed maximum driving range of 510km. Once supply constraints are eased, Kia intends to launch smaller battery packs and single-motor, RWD variants in India later in 2023.

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