Lucid Gravity SUV

Lucid Motors has taken the electric automobile market by storm. After the announcement for the 2021 Air Sedan, Lucid have put themselves on the radar when it comes to the future of electric powered luxury cars. They are now prepared to move full throttle on their new project, theGravity.

SUV. While very little accurate information regarding this project is available, at the moment, one can make certain assumptions based on the Air Sedan specifications.

From the released pictures, the Gravity SUV seems to be arriving with the same minimalist design as the Air Sedan. The SUV is expected to come with higher ground clearance and abundant cargo space. The design seems like a perfect blend between minimalism and finesse. The front end is adorned by a wide Light Blade with the Lucid logo etched in the middle and the headlamps at the ends. The rear end has a wide light assembly for the taillamps. The black body is contrasted by the silver roof. The wind shield narrows out on either side to extend almost all the way to the rear glass.

2023 Lucid Gravity electric SUV leaks out in patent images

The Gravity is expected to derive heavily from its sedan predecessor, in terms of interior design, engine specifications and transmission. The expected design includes dual electric motors, Lucid’s standard AWD. The engine is predicted to be powerful producing around 1100 HP. The Battery backup should not be too shabby, although it is not expected to have the same output from the 115kWh battery that the Air Sedan boasts of. With a heavier body and shunted aerodynamic capabilities, the Gravity SUV’s battery is expected to have lesser longevity than its sedan counterpart, but should be good enough for the powerful EV, nonetheless. The battery should come with fast DC charging capabilities.

If Lucid’s electric sedan venture is anything to go by, the Gravity SUV can be expected to have a luxurious interior with a heavily touchscreen oriented infotainment system and high quality leather and wood accents. All this, combined with abundant leg room and reclining space are bound to make the SUV a comfortable ride. While there have been no indications of smartphone connectivity features being made available, it is expected that voice recognition will be made available to make accessibility a breeze.

The SUV’s safety features will not differ much from the Air Sedan’s safety integrations. It is likely that enthusiasts will see a myriad of driver assistance features, and may well be incorporated with Lucid’s Level 3 Self Driving technology. Automated braking system is one of the main features certain to be included as a safety measure. It is likely to be accompanied with pedestrian detection. Other notable features include lane departure warning and standard lane keep assist. With Level 3 on the way, the Gravity SUV, as of now, is expected to have adaptive cruise control, and semi-autonomous driving mode.

Lucid Gravity three-row crossover launches in 2023 - DRIVE

Not much information is available at the moment about the warranty structure offered by Lucid for its vehicles. As the much coveted SUV from the  Gravity project is just a concept car right now, only assumptions can be made about its warranty package. An educated guess would venture at a standard warranty of 50,000 kms or four years and a powertrain warranty of 100,000 kms or eight years.

Elon Musk’s Tesla is the direct rival of the newcomer to the game, Lucid. However, the arrival of the Gravity SUV is likely to stir up some concern in the camps of a number of other automobile giants as well. A few of the other contenders for the top EV – SUV spot are the Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model X, and the Cadillac Lyriq.

Expected Price : $90,000 EST

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