Maharashtra lockdown: How to keep your car running while you’re at home

Residents in Maharashtra will have to remain at home for the next two weeks due to the government’s announcement of strict lockdown measures to combat the COVID19 challenge. Everyone in the state has been infected by the Coronavirus pandemic, which has disrupted daily life. Unfortunately, the number of COVID-19-affected cases in India is rising at a faster rate than ever before, prompting states to declare containment measures. These steps are being taken to ensure that everybody practises social distancing in order to minimise human interaction. Physical grooming is now being given a lot of attention.  Staying inside and just stepping out in an emergency is the safest way to cope with the coronavirus. And in this case, the engine would be idle as well. Here are few suggestions for keeping the car in good working order during the COVID19 lockout 2.0.

1) Fire It Up!

Although you can’t and shouldn’t take your car out for a run during the lockout, you must start it once every two or three days. After that, leave it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. This would prevent the vehicle’s batteries from being discharged, as well as ensuring that the oil heats up and circulates in the engine, preserving its viscosity. If you are unable to complete any of these steps, we recommend disconnecting the battery from its terminal.

2) Move It!

Yes, we mentioned that you cannot take the car outside; but, if you are able to drive or ride inside your compound or community, do so. This will keep all of the parts, including the air conditioner and brakes, in good working order.

3) Spin The Wheels

When the four-wheeler or two-wheeler has been stable for a long time, much of the weight is centred on one patch of the tyre that is in touch with the ground. Turn the wheels and switch it around and change the touch patch to prevent this. If you’re driving a four-wheeler, you can move the bike forward or backward by a metre and then park it accordingly. Keep the handbrake locked to avoid jamming the brakes. To limit travel, it’s best to keep the vehicle in gear.

4) Check Electrical Connections

When cars are parked in enclosed spaces, rodents often enter the car and chew on the electrical connections. The easiest way to prevent this is to regularly open the hood and inspect it for nests. Holding naphthalene balls in various parts of the engine bay can also be beneficial.

5) Keeping The Cabin Clean

If the car has been sitting for a long time, make sure the windows are down before starting it. At least 15 minutes to ensure proper airflow and airing out of the cabin. To be more specific, the plastics on the trims, dashboard and AC vents appear to release Benzene, which can be detected by the smell when the vehicle is opened. Also, switch on the air conditioning after a few minutes, not right before you get in the car.

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