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explore Maruti Suzuki Arena

India’s most significant and probably most trusted car maker Maruti Suzuki manufactures and sells 140,000 units every month. From small hatchbacks such as Alto and Wagon R to mini SUVs like Vitara Brezza and the trendy Ciaz, all types of models are sold through its two thousand showrooms. Till now Maruti Suzuki showrooms have been decked out in the familiar blue and white and had a rather dull interior design. The company has now decided to upgrade 80 of the showrooms to Maruti Suzuki Arena in 2018. It plans to aggressively redesign every Maruti outlet in the country to allow all customers to explore Maruti Suzuki Arena.

explore Maruti Suzuki Arena
explore Maruti Suzuki Arena
  • Based on the feedback the other showrooms will also be improved in the coming few years. This comes hot on heels of the premium Nexa showrooms. Maruti is in a mood to overhaul. It has just changed its True Value used car dealerships. Now it wants to explore Maruti Suzuki Arena into the new customer experience.
  • All customer relationship managers will be equipped with tablets which will allow them to display the whole product portfolio easily and will enable the customer to compare between models. It will also contain a lot of information allowing the relationship managers to answer customer’s questions promptly.
  • With the help of a new program called iCreate customers will be able to choose specific configurations for Swift and Brezza. This is very innovative to explore Maruti Suzuki Arena.
  • The new Arena dealerships will do away with the decades-old brochure that every customer is presented with when they enter a showroom. Maruti is embracing new tech in a big way to win over new customers. The new dealerships will have an excellent new touchscreen panel which will offer details of model, specs, features and a 360-degree view of the car from any angle.
  • Customers of Maruti will now be able to book the vehicle they want to buy or configure them from a new website. The same facility as offered in the dealership touchscreen will also be available at home. The customer can not only book a car on the site, but also adapt its features and specs. To do this, the customer must first register before he can view and configure the vehicle selection on the site.
  • There will be a change in ambiance and design language. Warm yellow lighting with ivory theme and polished wood finish countertops will make it more inviting and less clinical than the harsh fluorescent glare. The Maruti Suzuki Arena dealerships, however, will not do away with the familiar blue walls altogether. They will remain with Suzuki’s backlit logo.
  • Each Arena dealership will have a dedicated zone with accessories and car personalization items on sale.
  • Instead of a pantry, the newly rechristened dealerships will have a café and a lounge for customers to be able to sit quietly and discuss.

Significant changes in Maruti Suzuki dealerships will be all about enhancing customer experience to a new high. The Arena dealerships are at the core of Maruti’s efforts to revamp the brand and shake off its slightly dowdy image. It will be a really relaxing experience for customers to explore Maruti Suzuki Arena. The company wants to be seen as a new and innovative automobile manufacturer offering new and innovative models and not as a producer of staid and trusty workhorses.

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