Power scooter Honda PCX Showcased In India to pick dealers

The plan for electric 2-wheelers was revealed by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India earlier this year (HMSI). The company did not, however, confirm the goods and their timetable for production. The Honda electric line-up may include a Honda electric scooters, which were introduced to select dealers at private events recently, according to a fresh media report.

At the 2018 Auto Expo, the Honda PCX electric scooter debuted in India. The car will blast out offers from Hero Electric, Ather Power and Okinawa Electric together with the new Bajaj e-Chetak if it’s heading to India.

The Honda PCX utilizes a compact lithium-ion battery branded as’ Honda Portable Power Pack’ for power consumption. The battery packets require six hours to be charged fully inside the scooter using the traditional cable adapter. Within four hours, you will bill them individually. It has a 41 km circumference.

The visual appearance is almost the same as that of the stock Honda PCX scooter. Although it is characterized by electric blue highlights and little style pieces. The two-star headlamp, front window, LED tap-lights, and optical instrument clusters form part of its main features.

The electric scooter utilizes telescopic forks for the execution of suspension duties and rear front and double shock absorbers. The front and rear axles are disc-braked. The Honda PCX electric stand is 1107 mm, 1923 mm, and 745 mm in total length, width, and height respectively.

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