Private Jets Owned By Celebrities

After private islands and yachts, the developing number of millionaires or very rich people is eyeing toward private planes. Whether it be industrialists, oil magnets or media big shots, what separates these tip top from normal men is their personal satisfaction. What’s more, to upgrade their way of life, they neglect to keep up a separation from the ownership of an luxury private jet. These superb winged animals of panache give best in class innovation, as well as pack probably the most looked for after comforts that would make the trip of the wealthy all the more cherishable.

As we ourselves adore a flawlessly decent airplane, subsequently we chose to scour the web for the notable celebrities who have a proclivity towards aeronautics as well as have understood their fantasies of owning an luxury business fly.

Here is our list of the best eighteen luxury private jets owned by celebrities.

Donald Trump

Aircraft: Boeing 727-23

Price: $3 Million to $8 Million

When you have billions of dollars in your bank and are being considered as a real part of any semblance of very rich people, for example, Donald Trump, then it is just befitting to receive a favor way of life that would supplement your status. This is the place an luxury private jet becomes an integral factor, particularly like the one claimed by Mr. Trump. The famous extremely rich person has been a proud owner of a Boeing 727-23 luxury aircraft for over two decades. This unique luxury business fly can suit 23 travelers and accompanies a main room, an eating region, meeting rooms and even a Queen Size bed. This specific Boeing 727-23 has so far logged a dumbfounding 42,000 flight hours and elements calfskin rockers, gold plated safety belt clasps, and in addition Waterford gem lights. The fly is decorated with the Trump logo with 23-carat gold uniform and measures somewhere in the range of 30 feet long.

Roman Abramovich

Aircraft: Boeing 767-33A ‘The Bandit’

Price: N/A


Exceedingly acclaimed Russian billionaire and oil magnet, Roman Abramovich, who amassed a mind boggling fortune with the privatization of the Russian oil industry, unquestionably knows how to fly in style. The proprietor of Chelsea Football Club, he possesses a vigorously changed Boeing 767-33A luxury aircraft , which is otherwise called ‘The Bandit,’ particularly in view of its cockpit paint detail. This grand luxury private fly components chestnut insides and has even been components of gold. Registered as ‘P4-MES,’ the Bandit is said to be one of most secure flying machines on the planet, with the incorporation of guarded countermeasures and in addition a military review rocket discovery framework. The aircraft has regularly been seen stopped at the Harrods Aviation office at Stansted Airport in the U.K.

The Sultan of Brunei

Aircraft:Boeing 747-430

Price:$220 Million


Hailed as the world’s wealthiest ruler, the leader of the little oil rich country of Brunei, The Sultan of Brunei is the proud owner of an lavish and luxury concentrated private jet i.e. Boeing 747-430. This unique aircraft was at first obtained by His Majesty through Lufthansa for an expected $100 million. However, the Sultan later included yet another $120 million the luxury  airplane to change it into a vehicle befitting for Sultan. This specific Boeing 747-430 conveys a standout amongst the most magnificent insides, which are comprehensive of strong gold washbasins and the utilization of Lalique gem. The Boeing aircraft is the greatest plane in the Sultan’s armada, which is additionally made out of two Airbus A340s and one Boeing 767.

Jimmy Buffett

Aircraft: Grumman HU-16 Albatross ‘Hemisphere Dancer’

Price: $62,180


Possessed by singer  /musician, Jimmy Buffet, the Grumman HU-16 Albatross, named ‘Half of the globe Dancer’ has throughout the years achieved amazing status and has now been formally resigned from administration. Acquired in the year 1990, Mr. Buffet has contributed a considerable measure of time and cash in the rebuilding and upkeep of this vintage aircraft . Highlighting serial number 137928 and common enlistment number N928J, the Hemisphere Dancer stood out as truly newsworthy in the year 1996, when it was shot at by Jamaican police who associated the plane of smuggling drugs. At the season of the occurrence, the travelers included Jimmy Buffet and U2 frontman, Bono. This prompted to the making of the well known Buffet melody, ‘Jamaica Mistaica’. The Hemisphere Dancer was put to its paces on its proprietor’s 50th birthday, when Mr. Buffet alongside his significant other and three youngsters, set out on voyage through the Caribbean, Central America and South America, which was later chronicled in his collection of memoirs. The Hemisphere Dancer is as of now determined to show at Margaritaville in Orlando, Florida.

George W. Bush

Aircraft:Air Force One (Boeing VC-25)

Price:$325 million

Giving aerial  transportation to the world’s most capable man, the President of The United States isn’t a joke and this where Boeing VC-25 comes without hesitation. Referred to over the globe as the incredible Air Force One, this vigorously changed Boeing 747 acts just as a great luxury private jet, a but at the same time is thought to be the ‘White House on Wings’. The Air Force One gives the U.S President and different tenants with 4,000 square feet of floor space. The front of the aircraft  has been changed over into the feel of the White House, where in the Presidential suite is made out of beds, shower, vanity, twofold sink, and a private office, which is comparable to the Oval Office ashore. The Air Force One conveys a full medical team, while being completely loaded with basic supplies and raw food materials. To the extent security is concerned, Air Force One components probably the most best in class assault countermeasures, encoded and non-scrambled correspondence lines and has been intended to be protected from the staggering impacts of an electromagnetic heartbeat (EMP, for example, the ones created during an nuclear detonation.

Mark Cuban

Aircraft: Boeing 767-277

Price: $144.1 million

Planned and created by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, an adjusted Boeing 767-277 is right now serving as an luxury private jet of American business magnate  and financial specialist Mark Cuban. This a standout amongst the most costly flying machine is a move up to the Boeing 767 arrangement and elements luxurious insides alongside some amazing elite figures. Fueled by Pratt and Whitney PW4000 and General Electric CF6 engines, this awesome traveler fledgling effectively finished a relentless transatlantic journey  and pulled in the consideration of Mr. Cuban. The extremely rich person, who is additionally the proprietor of the unbelievably well known National Basketball Association (NBA) group, Dallas Mavericks, changed the fly by introducing uniquely designed seats, in order to give a more agreeable convenience to group’s tallest players.

Elvis Presley

Aircraft: Convair 880 ‘Lisa Marie’

Price: $600,000

Purchased  by none other than the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley in the year 1975, Convair 800 has since been connected with luxury on wings. This brilliant luxury private jet  nicknamed, ‘Lisa Marie’ was repaired and its insides were re-outlined by a group of exceedingly capable architects who had already taken a shot at the Air Force One. According to Elvis’ desires, the Convair 800 was transformed into an embodiment of flying luxury, where in the seating limit was decreased to 28 seats and a progression of sleeping  quarters were introduced. Lisa Marie was additionally given a superb main room that accompanied a ruler measure bed, while the official washroom highlighted fixtures made of gold alongside a gold washbasin. Lisa Marie was joined with a meeting room, completely supplemented by a tape framework that was snared to four TVs. Moreover, to guarantee that the airplane was mechanically a wonder of its time, Elvis had the planners introduce fifty two speakers. In any case, when it came to upholstery, Elvis picked the textures himself, and additionally the varying media framework.

Bill Gates

Aircraft: Bombardier BD-700 Global Express

Price: $40 Million

Co-founder and chairman of Microsoft Corporation, Gates is best known for his amazing virtuoso and altruist exercises. As the world’s second wealthiest man and a prominent superstar, it is nothing unexpected that Mr. Gates  needs to travel a considerable measure and that too long separation. For his voyages, Bill Gates has available to him, one of the best luxury private jet on the world, a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. This wonderful air ship known as the Global 5000 conveys the best of avionics innovation and lavish luxury . The BD-700 conveys wingspan of 94 feet and has greatest administration roof of 51,000 feet. In any case, a standout amongst the most amazing truths about the BD-700 is that, the luxury business jet can fly up to 5,000 Nm (9,300 km) constant and can accomplish a greatest speed of Mach 1, gracefully. The Bombardier BD-700 Global Express additionally highlights bleeding edge Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion aeronautics suite for upgraded execution and mistake free route.

Wayne Huizenga

Aircraft: de Havilland Canada DHC-6-320 Twin Otter

Price: $2 Million

One of the foremost  names in the U.S business circles, Wayne Huizenga, who transformed the idea of waste administration into a very effective business empire  is likewise said to be a devoted avionics fan. Mr. Huizenga owns  a fairly irregular private plane called “de Havilland Canada DHC-6-320 Twin Otter.” This multi-part flying machine has been made monstrously celebrated because of its high rate of climb and the reality it is a short take off and landing (STOL) airplane. The DHC-6-320 is controlled by a Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-34/35 motor and can without much of a stretch oblige up to 19 travelers. With a top speed of 314 km/h, the DHC-6-320 can accomplish a greatest administration roof of 25,000 feet and games a 51 feet wingspan. The mind boggling twin rotor airplane is likewise fitted with a condition of workmanship Honeywell Primus Apex aeronautics framework.

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