The first RV400 package is shipped in Pune by Revolt Intellicorp

Revolt Intellicorp today announced that the first lots of its first electric bike RV400 are being shipped.

The cycles are moved to customers from the two Revolt Hubs at Kalyani Nagar and ICC Tech Park, S.B.Road, in keeping with the booking chain. “The RV400 represents an important move in meeting changing customer requirements and we believe that the new operators can appreciate their riding experience. Thank you to India for your tremendous reply and for your faith and trust in an evolving company. Due to ongoing booking demand, we will soon close our booking for January-February 2020, “Revolt Intellicorp Pvt, creator Rahul Sharma said. Ltd.-Ltd.

Previously, the organization collaborated with Vodafone Idea for the first Indian AI-enabled motorcycle to give its customers networking and intuitive riding solutions. Vodafone claims that it will now support Revolt Intellicorp with 4 G IoT networking solutions. Such technologies provide network networking, artificial exhaust, geofencing, bicycle locator and knowledge and diagnostics on real-time machine. The organization has also shown that a voice-start service for the customers would soon be added.

A cash down program for RV400 and RV300 has recently been revealed by Revolt. The RV300 for 84,999 can be bought with the promotional Cash Down scheme whereas the RV400 for Rs 98,999 is eligible. Such costs cover registration / RTO, compensation, smart card and the once compulsory 4 G access fee every three years. Those items are exempt.

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