The first software update of MG Hector Internet Car is accessible

The MG Hector Internet Car introduced at British Automaker MG (Morris Garages) Motor in India this year in June. Today, MG HECTOR has provided the first software update for Over – the-Air (OTA), which adds new capabilities including Apple Car Play and enhances overall user experience with technological improvements. The company claimed that since it was released, MG HECTOR has had more than 36,000 reservations.

To order to upgrade their infotainment system, clients no longer have to get their vehicles to the authorized service station. A total of 11 variations of four different models–Standard, Modern, Easy, Sharp and 3 variants of gas, petrol-hybrid and diesel–are available in the MG Hector, iSMART Next Gen, as well as in manual and automated transmitting.

Starting today, Smart & Sharp customers from MG HECTOR will be informed on their dashboard for updated software. Free updates are available as a’ moving vehicle’ for installation directly as smartphones. Within the iSMART infotainment device MG HECTOR, the bundled simcard makes the internet. The car manufacturer must batch the vehicle upgrade.

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MG Hector comes with a 10.4-inch screen with a touch and speech activation iSMART Next Gen interface. Including an integrated M2 M app, iSMART Next Gen should render this vehicle an ever-connected machine. The vehicle has 25 safety features including Adjustable lighting, panoramic sunroof, 360 degree monitor, cruise control, front seats and electric MORs.

“MG Motor India has led the world of technical innovation in automotive industry as a pioneer of Internet vehicles in India. We redefine our in-car experience and will surprise consumers with additional updates in the future as a result of the first over – the-air upgrade in the Indian automotive industry, “said Rajeev chaba, CEO of MG Motor India.

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