The Most Preferred Hatchback Cars in India from 2019-2020

The definition of owning a car can be different for every individual. Some see it as merely a mode of transport, some expect a little more comfort from it while there are people who devote all their time in choosing the perfect vehicle for themselves. This is only natural as demand and choices of customers vary with changing times and preferences.

But, the people in India have always been aware of the utility and convenience that a hatchback car offers. Hence, in India, the most preferred car is a hatchback as it comes the closest to being stylish along with useful in various ways. Here is a list of hatchbacks that made a great impact over the course of time.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Ever since its launch in 2005 in the Indian market, the Maruti Suzuki Swift has been one of the most sought after hatchback cars in the country. After discontinuing its diesel variants, the Maruti swift car now has a total of 7 petrol variants and comes at a price ranging between Rs. 5.10 lakh to Rs. 8.02 lakh. If reports are to be believed, then this hatchback will get a brand new replacement which is set to reach India by the end of 2020 or early next year.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

This premium hatchback was introduced in India in 2015 and it has all the qualities that could give any international hatchback a run for its money. Boasting of advanced and high-quality equipment, this Baleno car is loaded with safety features that appeal to potential customers the most. This was designed with the aim to provide with as much interior space as possible and is priced between Rs. 5.63 to Rs. 8.96 lakh. This car offers three petrol variants, which are also automatic.

Ford Figo

The Ford car was brought into the Indian market in 2010 and it has been quite a hit with car enthusiasts. This utility car had undergone some changes back in 2019 in terms of its features and overall design, thereby giving it a more upgraded feel. It comes in 3 different variants and has a price range of Rs. 5.15 lakh to Rs. 8.09 lakh. Its engine is quite powerful and its fuel efficiency is quite up to the mark.  This year, this car is preparing to receive an automatic transmission as an option.

Renault KWID

This convenient hatchback with a luxurious feel was launched in India in 2015. It was created to provide the best driving experience that a luxury car could offer, in the structure of a small car.  The interior of this Renaultcar is extremely spacious and has very useful features such as a USB charger and rear armrests. This five-seater hatchbackprice is between Rs. 2.94 lakh and Rs. 5.07 lakh. It also offers a variety of colours to choose from and needless to say, this car is guaranteed to give a satisfying driving experience.

Tata Tiago

Priced between Rs. 4.68 lakh to Rs. 6.72 lakh and available in 8 Tiago variants, this hatchback model is a perfect blend of comfort and convenience. Launched in 2016, this hatchback is created to deliver its best performance under any circumstances and its dual-path suspension is what makes it easy to control. It comes with a BS6 compliant petrol engine and offers multi-storage spaces, thereby making it a lot more spacious and providing easy accessibility. It is a classy car packed with all kinds of useful features and is definitely a top choice when it comes to hatchbacks.

These were only a few of the many top hatchback cars that have been doing the rounds in the Indian market. In today’s world, everything is designed to serve at least more than one purpose. Similarly, these hatchback cars not only help in creating an impact while driving, but they also qualify as utility vehicles. So, hatchback cars are among the top contenders when it comes to choosing a car that will have the looks and the necessary features as well.

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