Top 10 Safest Cars You Can Buy Under 10 Lakhs

The country holds the questionable refinement of being the accident capital of the world. Include the developing number of quick cars in India to the blend and you have one deadly blend. Before, wellbeing elements were straightforwardly corresponding to the sticker cost of the car. Today, we are very brave the main 10 most secure cars under 10 lakhs. We should investigate some of them:

Ford Figo


Portage Figo: The new-Figo is among the most stylish hatchbacks at a bargain today. Besides, is additionally enthusiastic about security, with six airbags with ABS and EBD, particularly on the top end variation.





Ford Figo Aspire

Figo Aspire: From styling to capable, yet fuel proficient engines , the Aspire has it all. In any case, it is the twin-airbags that are offered as standard over the range alongside ABS and EBD too, that make it one of the main 10 most secure cars under 10 lakhs.




Ford Ecosport

Portage EcoSport: The reduced SUV with security at the forefront of its thoughts, the EcoSport offers window ornament and side airbags, notwithstanding the double front airbags to make it one safe case while out and about.





Toyota Liva


Toyota Liva: A straightforward hatchback that is upheld by Toyota’s incredible dependability guarantee, the Liva offers double air-packs for the front travelers and ABS as standard also.






Toyota Etios


Toyota Etios: The compact sedan that wears the famed Toyota badge, the Etios is known for its bulletproof reliability and cabin space. It gets ABS and twin airbags at the front.






Hyundai Elite i20

Hyundai Elite i20: Hyundai’s example of overcoming adversity in the hatchback section, the i20 may is still among the main 10 most secure cars under 10 lakhs.






Hyundai i20 Active

Hyundai i20 Active: With its stout, particular styling and hybrid looks, the i20 Active summons consideration wherever it goes. It gets airbags for the travelers in advance alongside ABS and EBD also.





Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo: The Volkswagen Polo accompanies the incredible German building guarantee. An inflexible body-body shell, Anti-bolt brakes and electronic brake dispersion together with twin-airbags for the travelers in the front seat makes it one safe incubate.




Volkswagen Vento


Volkswagen Vento: The car that helps you to remember its quality legacy with each drive, the Vento accompanies a heap of dynamic and inactive security frameworks that makes it one of the most secure cars in India.






Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid: Like its senior kin, the Octavia, the Rapid too includes awesome building, beat levels of security and a prop of energizing engines in one refined bundle.






The main 10 most secure cars under 10 lakhs above are confirmation that the Indian way to deal with purchasing cars is developing, and the attention on motoring safety in just going to get stronger with time.

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