Toyota Launches The Electric bZ4X Concept

Ahead of the Auto Shanghai Motor Show, Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled Toyota bZ, a new series of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The Toyota bZ4X prototype, which will be the first model in the bZ series, was unveiled.

The Toyota bZ series is built on BEV-specific platforms that can be customised in terms of scale and style. Toyota will collaborate on the series with other automakers such as BYD, Subaru, Suzuki, and Daihatsu.

The Toyota bZ4X is an SUV BEV produced in collaboration with Subaru, Toyota’s partner. This latest vehicle is built on the e-TNGA BEV-dedicated architecture, which was jointly designed by the two firms. It combines the strengths of Toyota, which specializes in vehicle electrification, and Subaru, which excels in AWD technologies, to provide a relaxed and pleasant driving experience.

Toyota unveils new electric vehicle, a compact SUV with a battery at its  heart

The bZ4X model incorporates a long wheelbase with a short overhang, resulting in a unique configuration as well as an interior volume that is comparable to that of a luxury sedan. When steering, a specially designed steering wheel reduces the need to switch grips. The car uses a steer-by-wire system for a seamless driving experience. The instrument panel’s low position and the metres’ placement above the steering wheel increase the vehicle’s sense of space while also improving visibility and contributing to safe and stable driving.

The bZ4X features a new all-wheel-drive system created jointly by Toyota and Subaru, which combines safe and enjoyable driving efficiency with excellent off-road capability.

In addition to regenerative energy technologies, the car has a solar recharging feature, which cleverly recharges the battery when the vehicle is stationary, further enhancing the BEV’s unique environmental efficiency. It also has a long cruise range, ensuring that buyers are not inconvenienced during the winter.

Toyota intends to develop the Toyota bZ4X in Japan and China, with global shipments beginning in the middle of 2022.

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