Toyota Supra

Made in the same factory as the BMW Z4, Toyota Supra consisting similar parts of the above mentioned car qualifies as one of the best sports cars of 2020, outclassing BMW Z4. The fifth generation Supra is considered as a proper sports car compared to other sports cars of the same range. For its reasonable pricing, Supra draws more attention than the cars currently filling up beside it.

While cars like Alpine A110, Porsche 718, Cayman etc. use turbocharged four cylinder engines, Supra sticks to six. There are plenty of BMW resemblances in Supra’s interior. The controls work with master precision and provides an ultimate sports car experience. It has electric seat adjustments along with adjustable lumbar support and side bolsters for utmost comfort. Likewise there are reach and rake adjustments for the steering wheel to suit the vertically challenged drivers. The i-Drive derived infotainment system in the display provides easy access and sharp graphics. The measurement of the screen is 8.8 inches with a DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and sat nav.

There is a decent head room provided in the car even for the people over 6 feet tall. Though its width allows passengers to sit a fair distance away from each other the wide transmission tunnel encroaches on the foot space a little. It has a 290 litre capacity same as the Ford Fiesta but there is no release around the hatch which makes it a task to reach for a switch on the driver’s door in order to use the button on the key.

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Between the Supra and the Supra Pro the former wins the limelight with its adaptive suspension, eight speed automatic gearbox, LED lights, electric Alcantara suede covered seats, dual zone climate control and the above mentioned 8.8 inch infotainment system.

The power plant used in Supra makes 335 horsepower providing the drivers with an excellent eight-speed automatic transmission. It accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds accompanied by an angry sound along with some crackles. The 19 inch Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires wrapped around the wheels help give it a smooth and sharp handling.

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The Supra derives its styling from the original Toyota Celica. The logo for the Supra is also derived from the Celica, making it blue instead of orange. The first generation Supra had both manual and automatic transmission along with a lift back body. It also world’s first navigation computer. The second generation Supra also had manual and automatic transmission along with four wheel disc brakes. The third generation had offered a turbocharged 7M GTE engine which was Toyota’s first distributorless engine in the US. The third generation Supra was officially separated from the Celica and was introduced as a stand-alone model including some additional features like electronically controlled suspension and a removable sport-roof panel. The fourth generation Supra also has both manual and automatic transmission with a Twin turbo I6 engine. The fifth generation Supra, as mentioned earlier only has an automatic transmission and it is the first non-BMW car built on the BMW CLAR platform.

2021 Toyota Supra costs dollar 43,945, Supra 3.0 gets dollar 1000 price  increase

There are hardly any differences between the 2020 and the 2021 Supra models. The 2020 one offers a 335 horsepower six cylinder engine whereas the 2021 one will offer an additional 255 horsepower four cylinder engine to the lineup. The price of the 2021 Toyota Supra starts from $42,990 making it the least expensive luxury sports car compared to others.

The Toyota Supra ticks every box on the luxury sports car checklist by offering an abundance of facilities and features. The Supra being a sports car also provides comfort for day to day commuting. Amidst many more features and amenities offered by many of its rivals, Toyota Supra stands out for its value proposition.

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