Unusual but ‘very useful and affordable’ car accessories

Car accessories are something that add an individual touch to your car. Some of them make life in the driver’s seat simpler while others guarantee that your drive is more pleasant. Here are ten irregular Car accessories that are exceptionally useful and affordable.

LED wheel caps with tyre pressure monitor

Price: Rs 699


For the individuals who need to make their cars all the more visually engaging around evening time but then include usefulness, here is a fascinating accessory. This is a wheel top that sits on top of the valve used to fill air. This has a tire weight screen and additionally LED lights. At the point when the wheel is pivoting, it would appear that the edges are sparkling. In the event that you are the sort who needed to have neon lighting on your car at one point in time, this one is far less expensive and less demanding to get.

Solar fan

Price: Rs 322


Since India is a hot country, you will need the AC for most part of the year. On extremely hot days, even the best AC systems cannot deal with the excessive heat, especially if you have parked in the sun. But what if you don’t want your car to get all that hot in the first place? We came across this solar powered fan that fits on the window of the car. It blows hot air out of a parked car and draws in fresh cooler air which is quite an interesting thing. This way it keeps your cabin temperature in check even if the car is parked in the sun.

Since India is a hot nation, you will require the AC for most part of the year. On amazingly hot days, even the best AC frameworks can’t manage the unreasonable warmth, particularly on the off chance that you have stopped in the sun. Yet, imagine a scenario in which you don’t need your car to get all that hot in any case. We went over this sunlight based controlled fan that fits on the window of the car. It blows hot freshen up of a stopped car and attracts new cooler air which is a significant fascinating thing. Along these lines it holds your lodge temperature under control regardless of the possibility that the car is stopped in the sun.

Solar sun shade

Price: Depending upon number of orders (Rs 8-10,000)


This was a fascinating accessory we ran over, something that we haven’t found in the nation yet. In India, we do get typical sun shades which we put on the windscreen and different glass zones, however this is an entire answer for it. This resemble conveying a tree or an umbrella and guaranteeing your car is constantly stopped under it which is a decent thing. The main drawback is that we discovered it on a global site which does chiefly entire deal bargains so you should arrange atleast 10 of them for you to get one. One method for doing it is to demonstrate your embellishment merchant this and request that he arrange a couple.

Anti gravity Battery

Price: Rs 9,060


Despite the fact that cars have turned into significantly more dependable these days, there is dependably a plausibility that something could deplete your car batteries while it is stationary. That could be terrifying, particularly in the event that you are on a street trip amidst no where. For that, you have repulsive force battery. We discovered one for Rs 9,060 recorded on the web and this is equipped for kicking off your car, charging your telephone, ipads and portable PCs too. Surely a convenient device for long distance travelers.

LED sign boards

Price: Rs 4,000-7,000


This is more a fun kind of frill. On the off chance that you are driving in a gathering of known individuals and need to send signs to the next car, you could utilize these LED sign sheets. They connect to the cigarette lighter attachment and the content showed on it is programmable. A fun adornment, the length of individuals don’t run over the edge with it.

For those who love to cook

Price: Rs 6,561


If you are on a road trip and you aren’t getting your preferred sustenance, why not cook your own particular nourishment? This car cooker permits you to connect the cooker to the cars 12V attachment and gives you a chance to cook whatever you need. There are electric pots accessible also that can be utilized as a part of a similar way. This could be useful to the individuals who are particular eaters.

Mobile HUD

Price: Rs 2,500


Don’t have a BMW Msport or a high end car? Try not to stress, your car can likewise be made to have a HUD. You should simply associate your telephone and this will bend over as a screen to it. You won’t need to get diverted by looking down or somewhere else. All your route points of interest are transmitted specifically before you which is a truly pleasant thing to have.

Anti Glare

Price: Rs 199


Since we live in a nation where a great many people drive on high bar constantly, a hostile to glare reflect is exceptionally valuable. However as of now, we just get them for the rearview mirrors. Imagine a scenario in which you are driving on a unified street and the car coming at you has their high shaft on. Since there is no answer for that, there is this adornment that is put in your visor and has a relfective screen that keep the high pillar glare from hitting your eyes. This one is an unquestionable requirement have as according by us.

Laser lamps

Price: Rs 222


This accessory is useful in conditions where visibility is low. Your brake lights bend over as a laser light to tell the driver behind the safe distance he should  keep up in order to not crash with you incase of a frenzy brake. Given that a great many people in India back end, this could be somewhat useful.

Air ionizer


Price: Rs 345 – Rs 6,737

There is probably the measure of pollution in the nation is ascending at a disturbing rate. This implies you are essentially taking in stale air. Individuals have picked to place purifiers in their workplaces and homes to ensure they don’t need to endure. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about when you are driving? A couple organizations have thought of ionizers and in addition purifiers that will keep the air inside the car clean. Depending on your financial plan, you can select the less expensive ionizer which begins at Rs 345. On the off chance that you are exceptionally neurotic and need more, decide on an undeniable air purifier. Phillips has turned out with their new range and ought to set you back by around Rs 7,000.

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