What are the most popular features one must consider before buying a new car?

new car features

Not very long ago car buyers in India were stuck between an Ambassador and a Fiat as a choice, then the market broadened slightly and in came Daewoo and Hyundai to compete with trusty Maruti. Thankfully times have changed, and car owners and wannabe car owners are spoiled for choice in India – from an INR 3.6 lakh Hyundai Eon to a million dollar BMW. However, most of the clientele do not really grasp what new car features to look for.

car features
car features
  • ABS – Anti-lock braking system is more or less standard among new car features in all cars above INR 5.3 lakhs. It allows you to steer even if the vehicle is braking and prevents skidding. ABS has been introduced in the B segment in recent years. You have to pay a little extra, but it’s worth it because it prevents the vehicle wheels from locking during emergency braking. Essentially, the ABS system allows the driver to control the car and avoid dangers even during sudden braking. This is a crucial advantage of the ABS vehicle. However, it should be remembered that the very presence of ABS does not guarantee safety. So drive carefully.
  • Dual airbags – Standard abroad it has yet to become a standard new car features in India. Front passenger safety bags save lives. Airbags are now available in affordable cars. Collision sensors connected to the onboard computer activate the airbag in the event of a collision. The airbag automatically inflates to prevent impacts on the dashboard, steering wheel or windshield. Side airbags avoid the risk of injury to the user in the event of a side collision. Although airbags are optional, we recommend them.
  • Rear parking sensors – This new car features Comes in handy while reversing. Some may sneer at the idea that if you cannot reverse then don’t drive at all. But with a parking sensor, it is easy to park quickly and without hassle. It usually works with a beeper which gets more frequent the closer the car is to something behind.
  • Touchscreen infotainment system – This is an all-important new car features. It is good to have a touchscreen which provides GPS as well as music and video playback. Usual screen sizes range from 6 to 10 inches depending on the car size.
  • Driving comfort – An adjustable steering or at very least a 4-way adjustable driver’s seat is needed to operate comfortably.
  • Turbocharger – Mostly found in diesel fuel cars they boost engine power by supplying more air to the engine intake.
  • Electronic brake force distribution – Working with ABS the EBD system prevents the car from moving side to side while braking hard. It is quickly becoming a must-have among new car features.
  • Fog lamps – Proper lighting is essential for safe driving. Especially in fog, insufficient light means driving in the dark. Because fog lights produce a small but wide beam of light, they penetrate into the mist and produce no glare. It improves visibility during bad weather, not only in the fog but also in the rain. Yellow fog lamps are considered better because they only reflect part of the spectrum of light and they are less distracting. There are many types of fog lights which include HID and xenon.

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