Within a week, Nahak Motors E-Cycles received over 1,000 bookings

Nahak Motors has stated that consumers have responded enthusiastically to their electric bicycles. The firm is now taking reservations for Garuda and Zippy, India’s first 100 percent Made In India electric bicycles. The e-bikes have received over 1000 reservations in less than a week. The Garuda from Nahak Motors costs Rs 31,999, while the Zippy costs Rs 33,499.

According to the business, the southern portion of India has showed the highest interest, with around 38 percent of bookings coming from there. Consumers from all around the world are apparently interested in the E-Cycles. There are almost 100 orders from Germany, the United Kingdom, and Bangladesh.

Dr. Pravat Nahak, Chairman of the Nahak Group, stated of the reception, “We have got an amazing response to our 100% Made in India electric bicycles.” Having a thousand orders in less than a week is really promising. We already have a revenue of over INR 3 crore. This proves that customers want Made in India items and are willing to pay more if a firm provides exceptional features and value for money.”

 “We’ve always known that Indian consumers are mature enough to book a wide range of items online, and the response to our E-Cycles is proof of that. We anticipate additional pre-bookings before the booking counter closes on July 11th,” he added.

The new electric bicycles may be pre-ordered online by interested consumers. Customers may simply go to www.nahakmotors.eco, select the model they want, fill out the form, and make a reservation for Rs 2999. Nahak Motors will share the dispatch timetable for E-Cycles with all clients who finish the booking procedure by July 13th, and home delivery will begin on August 15th, 2021.

Both versions come with modern features including a replaceable battery, LCD display, and pedal sensor technology. The charger connects into a standard household power socket and takes around 3 hours to completely charge the bicycle’s battery. The E-Cycles can go up to 40 kilometres on a single charge, and they do not require a driver’s licence to ride on public roads.

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