Yamaha launches an e-bike for thrill-seekers

Good and sustainable cycling has intensified the trend of riding bicycles in a changing global scenario.

Mountain biking is a thrilling activity that many adrenaline junkies enjoy for a fun and enjoyable way to explore the outdoors and nature.

Yamaha has planned to build a new mountain flagship e-bike using its experience in both motorbikes and e-bikes.

“Rather than focusing on usability, as prior versions did, this one focuses on more thrilling interactions. Our flagship model features rear and front suspension for a more sporty riding experience “Yamaha Motor Co, LTD’s Kazuhiro Murata said.

“An outdoor event was organised to highlight new mountain e-bike models as well as give visitors the opportunity to test ride these bikes and experience off-road adventure,” Kazuhiro Murata said.

“The best thing about these bikes is that with the assistance of the electric drive unit, even those who have never done mountain biking before will enjoy the fun,” said Kazuhiro.

“This model blends the benefits of a high-end mountain bike with the convenience of an e-bike. On these e-bikes, this is the first time we’ve used front and back suspension. The cushion has a longer stroke than previous ones. As a result, they have a stable ride even in rugged terrains “Yamaha Motor Co, LTD’s Yasuo Okada said.

“Since mountain bike Cross-Country was introduced to the Olympics, interest in mountain biking has grown. “Since then, bicycle riding has grown in popularity,” Yasuo Okada said.

“Before this new concept, we began producing bicycles in 1993, and our target market was mostly elderly people,” Kazuhiro Murata explained the strategy behind e-bikes. Following that, we wanted to grow to include younger people, such as housewives. We’ve also expanded the target market even further by bringing in staff and teachers. The demand for bicycles rose as the need for them grew. Global warming mitigation is a major focus, especially in Europe, where electric vehicles are very common. And since our electric bike emits no CO2, we know we will have a large demand.”

“Japanese technology improves the quality of life.” It offers an outstanding opportunity to enjoy sport while also helping to keep the air safe,” Kazuhiro said.

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